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Accommodation rules

Rules of their stay in the hostel "COMFORT"
Dear guests! We are glad to welcome you in our hostei!
Please carefully read the rules of their stay in the hostel "COMFORT"
1. these rules are developed on the basis of current legislation of Ukraine, the decrees of the State Committee on housing and communal services of Ukraine, State Committee on tourism, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine,
2. hostel "COMFORT" is registered in the unified State Register of legal entities of Ukraine
Hostel 3 "COMFORT". guests of all rules of privacy.
4. Smoking in the hostel "COMFORT" with the exception of specially allocated place.
5. the hotel reserves the right to impose a penalty for violations of the standards of fire safety, smoking in the wrong places and disobedience to legal requirements.
6. feedback and suggestions, you can leave the hostel on the site or in the administration.
1. the hostel works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check-out time-12: 00, check-out time-12: 00, the time of arrival in the 12.30
2. If necessary, store your luggage, you can take advantage of the company. Please leave valuables and documents in a safe at the reception. For things left unattended in the room, the guest is responsible.
3. Additional free services: ambulance, taxi call.
4. we ask you to carefully treat the property to comply with fire safety rules. Leaving the room, please close the window, the room is hygiene, switch off lights and other electrical appliances. In the case of damage to the property of the guest in the fully compensates for its cost in accordance with internal documents.
In order to ensure order and security in the hostel it is forbidden:
1. Smoking in the rooms and hostel premises except in the allotted space.
2. Use electrical devices in the room except as permitted for use.
3. Transmit the key to third parties.
4. the room Store flammable materials.
5. Bringing into and stored in the hostel room materials and items, which are dangerous to life and health of others.
6. Rearrange and make furniture out of the room.
7. Violate long-established standards of conduct, including staying on site under the influence of drugs.
8. Take aggression or actions that threaten the health or property of other persons.
9. Cause damage to property.
10. Post at the front desk after 23: 00 without payment and registration of their stay in the hostel.
11. Place in rooms pets, without coordination with the administration of the hostel


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