Comfort Hostel

     Lviv is a city with centuries-old history wherethe culture of many   people interlaced.It experienced different times for the long and stormy historybut always remained the majestic and unsubdued city in Ukraine.hostel lviv Due to the geographical position beginning from dark ages Lviv becomes the leading shopping center of East Europe, connecting main trade-routes between west and east and at the same time becomes the biggest city of Ukraine. During many ages Lviv was under the act of the European cultural environment, for this time the city grew into the real architectural pearl, center of arts, handicrafts and book publishing.

     In course of time Lviv developed, became the city of technical innovations, a lot of inventions were opened in Lviv, in particular first in the world invented kerosene and kerosene lamp.

     In an architectural relation Lviv is an unique city in which past tenses and contemporaneity were harmoniously united a long ago. A baroque and gothic architecture, rococo and empire style, roman style and renaissance, constructivism and modern eclecticism mixed here up. Magnates and patrons of art invited here masters from all Europe which created this architectural masterpiece. It is worth to arrive here, to feel this exceptional spirit, atmosphere, style and passion of Galichina; to have a walk on these narrow streets of the old city which take with a unique beauty, to dream in one of comfortable coffee shops, and to look at Lviv from the height of bird flight, from a mountain Vysoky Zamok a wonderful landscape is opened on the city.

     Exactly these circumstances induce more and more people to visit Lviv with every year. For this purpose in town there is everything needed – extraordinary architecture, shopping centers, establishments for entertainments and rest. Not an exception became a hotel complex . But not every visitor of Lviv has a possibility to live in expensive hotels. For those who want to save some money and get comfortable housing at the same time – the best decision is hostel. Hostels are mostly counted above all things on large tourist groups, but even one man will feel comfortably there because in the hostel there is a good choice of rooms as for an individual residence so group.  

     Hostel Comfort – a perfect place for Your residence and rest in Lviv. Hostel Comfort is situated in the central part of the city, Sichovyh Strilciv street 8, apartment 5, first floor. Just for a few minutes of unhurried walk you will be able to get to the most prominent sights of culture of Lviv city, to see combination of the past and at the same time to feel life of the modern European city. Hostel is three minutes by walk from Opera Theatre, one minute from Taras Shevchenko monument and just 2 kilometers from main railway station and 6 kilometers from airport and bus station.

     Some people come here for the first time, and someone returns once again to open on it’s own an unexplored yet secrets of the city. Before planning of trip there   will certainly appear a question – where to stop for a residence? We are always happy to see You in hostel Comfort. You will be provided with everything necessary for a comfort rest.